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Welcome to the TMF Label Gallery & Guide, an ever-expanding and evolving visual catalogue of record labels.

I have been a collector of mechanical talking machines and vintage recordings since only 2004, although I have loved the music for years. This hobby has given me many hours of joy—I am pleased I can give something back, even if only this humble effort.

With The Talking Machine Forum, we have brought together a wonderful group of like-minded individuals, all interested in the free exchange of knowledge and continued research in our chosen hobby. Now, with this visual database, I hope we can build an, if not complete, extensive and ever-expanding gallery of images and information on labels of the ‘78 era’. I hope to include all ‘78s’, as well as Diamond Discs and cylinders, eventually. Our main focus will be pre-World War II labels, however, we will not exclude post-war labels—we are interested in all ‘78s’.

My inspiration for bringing a group together to attempt this are two well-known collectors, one from each ‘side’ of the hobby. Mr. Paul Edie on the machine side—his phenomenal undertaking in creating and maintaining a database of all Victrolas built and still extant is truly amazing. On the record side—Mr. Steven C. Barr’s stupendous record dating guide and indomitable spirit spur me on. Both Mr. Edie’s site and Mr. Barr’s book are indispensable to the Victrola collector and the record collector, respectively.

There are other collectors, both prominent and not, some of whom have become great personal friends who have also inspired and assisted me. I will attempt to list them all in the acknowledgements.

As I mentioned earlier—this is a group effort. I have planted the tiny acorn of about six-hundred images from my own record collection; just a drop in the bucket of the great panoply of ‘78 era’ labels. It is my hope that the entire world-wide membership of the TMF will contribute images and information to an ever-growing gallery of labels. Mr. Steven C. Barr’s The Almost Complete 78 RPM Record Dating Guide (II) has been, and will continue to be, an invaluable resource. I am forever indebted to Mr. Barr for all his hard work in this arena, as we we all should be.

I look forward to helping build a reference resource of note, for all collectors, young and old, neophyte and veteran. As many editors have said before me—I take no credit for the information and insight—only the errors are my fault! (Except for the ones that I can blame on David.)


J.F. Bennett
July 1, 2009

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